Steps to Prepare your Female Frenchie for Breeding

Steps to Prepare your Female Frenchie for Breeding

So you want to breed your female Frenchie? This will be a challenging but rewarding process. In this article you will learn the steps to prepare your Female Frenchie for breeding. I will warn you, Frenchies are not a beginner level breed for breeding. It doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It just means you will have a lot to learn in the process. 

#1 Order your genetic health and color testing. 

In order to properly match a male with your female you will need the results to your females genetic testing. 

For the health panel they test for recessive genes that are more common in Frenchies. Recessive means they need two copies of the gene in order to get the disease. If they have one copy, they are considered carriers. You will want to make sure the male you use for your female does not carry the same gene or genes.  This is easily avoided by using a male that is 4 panel clear meaning he does not carry any copies of these genes. 

The color panel will help you in deciding which male to match to your female to produce the colors you would like. There are different color goals for breeding. You may want to produce a certain color. You may want to produce carriers of a certain colors/characteristics so you can keep back pups. These pups can then be matched to a male that produce the desired coloring. 

#2 Place her on a good quality food. 

Being on a good quality food is essential for breeding and producing high quality pups. The fresher the better. In my program I feed a balanced raw diet. I’ll be writing about food more at Here’s a basic order from what I consider best to the less desirable. I realize this can be intense and filled with lots of debate. We will deep dive in this in the Frenchie breeder program. Realize you can create any combination of these as well. Such as feed kibble in the am and raw in the evening. Place some raw on kibble. Or cook for them and combine it with kibble. Or cooked and raw and kibble. Do what works for you and your dogs. 

  • Fresh prepared raw rotating diet to prevent allergies. 
  • Freeze dried raw like Wolf brand-choose 3 different animal sources and rotate feeding them to prevent allergies. 
  • Fresh prepared cooked diet-preferred 3 different animal sources
  • Prepared diet ordered from companies like Ollie-preferred 3 different animal sources rotating. 
  • Canned dogfood–get 3 different animal sources and rotate 
  • Organic kibble-get 3 different animal sources and rotate 
  • Kibble–get 3 different animal sources and rotate 

#3 Place your female on proper supplements

The B complex vitamins provide the nutrients needed to promote healthy and regular heat cycles. They have been shown to help with disruptions with the cycle and silent or split heats. You can use this one*. 

#4 Make sure momma is dewormed. 

I like to use Panacur as a dewormer because it also gets giardia. This can help prevent passing it on to your pups. Remember giardia is common in places with multiple dogs. Puppies are more prone to is as their immune systems are building up. He can get by simply stepping in some poo and licking his paw. Panacur is also called safegard and is very safe to use. You can get the tablets for dogs* or liquid for goats*. Make sure you understand dosing which is provided in the breeder course. 

#5 Typically wait until the second heat cycle to breed your female Frenchie. 

Larger breeds typically need to wait longer but smaller ones are finished growing at a younger age. I have read from several vets specializing in breeding that’s it’s better to be young and done than it is to spread out breeding over time. Frenchies typically can have 2-4 litters depending on how their uterine horns look. Ask your vet at each c-section if your girl can have another litter. I do no more than 4 litters and my girls are retired before 5 years old.

#6 Once your have your genetic testing results back schedule a meeting with us to be matched to a male. 

We are growing and adding in quality studs around the country. This is important because we can have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pick options for you in case there is an issue and there often can be. We will sit down with you to determine your goals for breeding and match you to the appropriate male. Right at this moment text me at 719-308-7444 to schedule a meeting.

There are additional recommendations on what to do to get your female prepared for breeding in the breeder program. We’d love for you to join us there. 

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*This blog contains affiliate links. I only recommend what I use or would use myself.  

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4 Qualities You Must Possess in Order to Breed French Bulldogs

4 Qualities You Must Possess in Order to Breed French Bulldogs

So you’re thinking about breeding Frenchies? The first thing you must understand in order to breed French Bulldogs is the commitment to breeding them. They are not a beginner level breed. That doesn’t mean you can’t start with Frenchies but just expect there to be a steep learning curve. I’d say they are totally worth every extra bit I put into them. The amount of contentment and satisfaction I get from bringing joy into peoples lives because of my pups makes it all worth it. Below are a few characterstics you will need in your life to raise these little guys.

#1 Flexibility in schedule to breed French Bulldogs

You may think you’re the boss when raising Frenchies but you will soon find out that you arrange you life around their schedules not yours. Before planning a vacation you will need to think of your girls heat cycles and when pups are due. You will also need to consider how old pups will before you feel comfortable leaving them with someone else. If you are not around or didn’t make the arrangements with someone else to take care of it, your girl may miss a breeding as their cycles do not wait. Newborns need your time and attention. The first 3-5 days I am sleeping next to them and making sure they are fed every 3 hours at night. During the day I sit next to momma and babies ensuring they are all safe and eating well. It’s very difficult to do this if you have a typical 9-5 job.

#2 Be able to manage your mind when to breed French Bulldogs

This business requires that you are skilled at managing you own mind. At some point you will lose a puppy, puppies, or even whole litter. I can tell you it is difficult watching your little ones die while you hopelessly stand by. You will do everything possible but they still wither away. Frenchies require c-sections and there is a potential you could lose momma on the table as well. Everyone idealizes vets but they can be very frustrating when dealing with newborn pups as many do not have much experience with them when things go wrong. Also, you will learn quickly that you are there to not only manage your mind but the minds of your new puppy parents as well.

#3 Life long learner

If you want to breed Frenchies, you will instantly be a life long learner as they will always throw something new at you. First, you must learn how to breed Frenchies via artificial insemmination (AI), when to run progesterone tests for the best timing of the AI, when to allow the C-section to be done based off of progesterone numbers and symptoms. You will learn how to care for new born pups and what to do when things go wrong. Knowing what you can treat at home will be a life long learning experience. You’ll need to choose a shot schedule and either adminster them yourself or pay the vet to do so. Coccidia and giardia are both parasites that are often found where there are multiple dogs and you’ll need to learn how to treat it. On top of the breeding, you’ll need to learn how to do marketing, sales, puppy parent education, bookkeeping, social media, and website maintenance.

#4 Be astute in breeding laws

One of the most important things is understanding the laws where you live when it comes to raising any breed of dog. You will need to look into a minimum of county, state, and federal laws. Also, if your home is in a HOA it likely won’t allow for a growing kennel. How many can you have where you currently live? Are you willing to move to to make your dreams of breeding come true?

You made it this far and want to continue moving forward in raising Frenchies? That’s great! Make sure to get The Ultimate Guide in Knowing if Raising French Bulldogs is Right for You!

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